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Deadline for application is December 15, 2023.


Registration 2024


Work address



(1 page max. as pdf-file) accompanied by additional photographic material (jpg-files, 300 dpi) for use in press releases if the entry is selected for an award

Copies of relevant publications and / or patent specifications concerning the innovation:

  • List of publications referring to the innovation (if available), specifying title of article, author(s), publication, issue.
  • Copies of publications considered to be usefull for the assessment by the jury should be attached as pdf-files.
  • List of intellectual property rights, including patents (if available).
  • Copies of patents should be attached as pdf-files.

Professional references of appliant

As separate attachment, specifying name, institution, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Declarations and Submission

Declaration of agreement by participating partners

Industrial partners, funding sources, with names of contacts as separate attachment
(company or funding institution, country, city, name of contact partner, e-mail)

Sworn declaration by the applicant

Written authorization of the company / partners for or with whom the project was undertaken - if they are not members of the applying group (as separate attachment) 

Data protection

Written authorization of the company and applicant that awarding organizations my store personal data and information in the application for  designated purpose

Application on behalf of project group

In the case of applications on behalf of a project group, a declaration of agreement signed by all members of the group ( as separate attachment) is required