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                                                                    _Dr. Oliver Meier (Team Representative, LASER on demand GmbH, Burgdorf)
                                                                    _Dr. Christian Hoff (Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V., Hannover)
                                                                    _Ronald Weiler (Head of EOD, Feuerwehr Hamburg)
                                                                    _Peter Bodes, (Head of EOD Hamburg a.D.)

                       > Laser defusing system mounted on the bomb dud    > Mobile laser system                       > Successfully defused 500 pound bomb

                    AREAS OF APPLICATION                            TECHNOLOGICAL IMPACT

                    The innovation is developed to improve the      The precision and reliability of laser processing enables a safe and
                    explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) significantly.   drastically improved treatment of EOD. The low-cost approach allows the
                    Especially in a city environment, where an      economic use of laser technology despite these special and challenging
                    evacuation affects a lot of persons and the risk   conditions.
                    to damage buildings is high, the benefit results
                    from a high precision and a minimization of
                      damage to the environment.

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