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                                                         LASER TECHNOLOGY

                                                          OBJECTIVES                                      SELECTION PROCEDURE
                                                                                                          AND FINALISTS

                                                          The Innovation Award Laser Technology is an Eu-  A shortlist of best candidates is compiled by an
                                                          ropean research prize awarded at 2-yearly inter-  international jury consisting of ten members
                                                          vals by the associations Arbeitskreis Lasertechnik   recruited from industry and the research com-
                                                          e.V. and European Laser Institute ELI. The award   munity. The prize winner, as well as the second
                                                          can be conferred on an individual researcher or   and third placed, are then selected as finalists by
                                                          on  an entire project  group,  whose  exceptional   the  jury  on  the  basis of  merit.  The  prizewinner
                                                          skills and dedicated work have led to an outstand-  will  receive the sum of 10 000 € in recognition of
                                                          ing innovation in the field of laser technology. The   his/her work and will also be awarded the title of
           MORE INFORMATION:                              scientific and technological projects in question   “AKL Fellow” and “ELI Fellow”.
                                                          must center on the use of laser light in materi-
                  als processing and the methods of producing such
                                                          light, and must furthermore be of demonstrable
                                                          commercial value to industry.

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