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                    _Dr. Maik Frede (Team Representative)
                    _Dr. Oliver Puncken
                    _Dr. Thomas Binhammer

                    neoLASE GmbH, Hannover

             > neoMOS “SMAART”
            laser head

                                                                                               > neoMOS “SMAART” concept

                                                                                            AREAS OF APPLICATION

                                                                                            Enabling new laser material applications by flexible use of short pulsed
                    TECHNOLOGICAL IMPACT                                                    lasers is the philosophy of the neoMOS “SMAART” system. The laser design
                                                                                            is based on an integrated and interchangeable ultra-short pulsed laser
                    The neoMOS “SMAART” is an ultra-short pulsed laser with nano- to        that offer pulse durations from nano- to femtoseconds or a combination of
                    femtosecond pulse durations from the same platform. Based on a novel    pulse durations to be used in the same process. This for example allows
                    amplifier technology the system allows high pulse energies over a wide   a high energy pico- or nanosecond process for high material removal,
                    range of different pulse durations. Combined to a modular MOPA platform   followed by a femtosecond “polishing” process. The technical advantage
                    the “open source” philosophy enables to change only one part of the laser   to new applications and unknown flexibility is the way to further push
                    (seeder) to set up complete new laser parameters. Different seed lasers   short pulsed laser technology into industrial laser machining applications.
                    will enable the change of pulse durations, repetition rates or pulse shapes.   Europe’s manufacturing industry will benefit from this unique laser
                    With an external pulse compression module pulse durations down to 100 fs   technology while the reduction of investment risk, upgradeability and self-
                    can be offered.                                                         service are self-explaining advantages for a “SMAART” laser concept.

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